. . . and I’m feeling a little better about the whole “my baby is growing up and soon he’ll leave me” thing.

Mostly because he’s turning into the funniest, most wonderful little person.

The other day James worked his way into the bathroom as Paul was having a bath.  Without tubby toys, if you can imagine.  So James pulled out his little bath boat and handed it to Paul, who told him he really didn’t need it.  So James found his “Barnyard Bathtime” book for him.  After reading to his Daddy, he took the facecloth and started washing him!

I just want to cuddle him thinking of it.

Not to mention he offers me a bite of everything he’s eating.

Also, he’s brilliant.  He is!  I caught him in the bathroom (Again.  He likes it in there) and he was at the toilet (Again.)  He had his little potty seat up on it and I told him off for playing in the bathroom.  Seconds later he had a dirty diaper!  He was TRYING to use the potty!  On his own!  At one year old!  And I didn’t realise, bad mama that I am :p

My baby boy is turning one tomorrow and I’ve been sobbing on and off all evening.

I feel silly.  He’s a healthy, happy, perfect little boy.  I couldn’t possibly ask for a more wonderful child.  But he’s growing up so fast and I just want time to slow down.  I want to wake him up and cuddle him, savouring the last few hours of babyhood.  I want to hold his warm, snuggly little self and gaze into his gray eyes, adoring him, loving him.

I dread to think all the terrible things that might happen to him in his life.  I want him to be as happy and loved as he is now, always.  I don’t want his heart broken, I don’t want him to get sick.  I don’t want him to have his feelings hurt, for that sweet, trusting smile to leave his face.

Oh, I know I should be looking forward to all the wonderful things his life will bring.  Maybe that will come tomorrow.  But tonight all I can do is cry, cry, cry.

Wow, it’s been awhile, eh? I’ve been super super busy

  • Chasing James
  • Cleaning house
  • Spending 2 weeks at my parents’ place for Easter
  • Yardwork as the snow is ALMOST GONE!!!
  • AND – Starting a cloth diaper store!

I’m so, so excited!  I already have some all-natural baby care products and one brand of diapers stacked up and ready to be ordered.  There are 4 more orders that I’m waiting for, so hopefully they come in soon.  I hate having a half-stocked store, but I figured if I go online now then any orders I d get can fund more buying 🙂

Anyway, I’m all proud of it, so if you’re interested, check it out at www.acornsoaks.com!

James trying out his new AppleCheeks!  I don't care if the colour is girly, he loos cute in it!

James trying out his new AppleCheeks! I don't care if the colour is girly, he loos cute in it!

Anyway.  What else?

I got a blackberry that I’m completely in love with.  The little ring when I get an email just thrills me 🙂

James is a happy little camper because he can go play outside now.  He spent an hour yesterday just crawling around in the lawn while I did yardwork.  He tasted rocks, sticks, leaves and grass, and I’m sure he tried a bug too.  Gross.  Still, he was happy and I got work done so yipee!

Not a lot really happens around here, I guess! James is keeping me busy though, and I’m enjoying being a housewife for this short period of time!  And when I say he keeps me busy, I mean BUSY!


Ready to get into trouble


Careful, baby!


Helping Mommy vacuum, and playing on his favourite ride at the same time!


I have the kitty’s tail!


Innocence and Mischief all in one 23-pound package!

Not even 10 months old and James is using his chair to climb up where he shouldn’t be.


I’ve been thinking about buying another sling for James. I love his Blue Celery one, but it’s stretchy and he’s getting heavier and I’m getting (marginally) thinner so he’s beginning to sag in it.  Plus I want something I can just pop him in and out of when we’re doing errands.  Buckling a grumpy baby in and out of a car seat is enough work without having to tie him into a wrap too.

I’m really not willing to shell out $80 for something that I may or may not like  that I have to buy online though.  So I made one using this site’s instructions.


I love it!  I’m so proud and James seems to be very happy in it too.  He snuggles in and grins at me.  This is a kid that I can’t keep up with when he’s on the ground, so the fact that he’ll settle in it while I load the dishwasher is very very good!  I’m totally making more when I get my hands on some pretty fabric.  Maybe something that wrinkles less too.

I’ve been working on sweater #3 as well and will put some pictures of what I’ve done so far once I block the pieces.  They won’t stay flat right now :p

And here’s a quiet moment this morning.