. . . and I’m feeling a little better about the whole “my baby is growing up and soon he’ll leave me” thing.

Mostly because he’s turning into the funniest, most wonderful little person.

The other day James worked his way into the bathroom as Paul was having a bath.  Without tubby toys, if you can imagine.  So James pulled out his little bath boat and handed it to Paul, who told him he really didn’t need it.  So James found his “Barnyard Bathtime” book for him.  After reading to his Daddy, he took the facecloth and started washing him!

I just want to cuddle him thinking of it.

Not to mention he offers me a bite of everything he’s eating.

Also, he’s brilliant.  He is!  I caught him in the bathroom (Again.  He likes it in there) and he was at the toilet (Again.)  He had his little potty seat up on it and I told him off for playing in the bathroom.  Seconds later he had a dirty diaper!  He was TRYING to use the potty!  On his own!  At one year old!  And I didn’t realise, bad mama that I am :p