I’m trying to write a letter to the school division asking for two more months of leave, which means James won’t need daycare or babysitting until he’s 16 months.  A year is SO young to put him in daycare.  I know they’re wonderful people and he’d be just fine but I just can’t do it.  I don’t want to miss anything!  What if he walks for the first time when I’m not there?  What if he says “Mommy” and I don’t get to hear it?

We are so lucky in Canada to have a full year off, and yet, I still don’t think it’s enough.  Health Canada wants people to nurse until babies are 2, but the Government of Canada wants to back to work when they’re 1.

Anyway, I hate writing letters like this.  All I want to say is, “Please don’t make me go back yet.  I love my job but I can’t leave my son yet.  Give me until September.”   But of course, you can’t and I really don’t know how to put it.