My name is Pam.  I’m 28 and a brand new stay-at-home mommy.  I am so lucky to have a year at home to watch my little boy grow and learn about the world!

A bit about me:

  • I love hockey, like any good Canadian girl
  • I’m terrible at sports
  • Although I’m a tolerably good batter
  • I was a dancer when I was a kid
  • I miss it like crazy
  • I went to Uni for 6 years
  • I have a B.A and a B. Ed.
  • I only really learned to study during my B. Ed.
  • I’ve been to Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Austria and the States.  I’ve been to all the provinces but Newfoundland.  I’ll get there eventually!  I love to see new places!
  • I can speak a bit of French and understand a bit of Dutch
  • I have a kitty named Edward Felix Fernando (after the Oiler, of course)
  • I live over 1000 km away from my family
  • I miss them like crazy too
  • I love my baby boy more and more every day
  • James was going to be called Luke or Oliver until I saw him
  • I already want another baby
  • I hope it’s a girl, so I can have a daughter
  • We already have a name for her
  • I hope it’s a boy, so James can have a brother
  • He’ll be Luke or Oliver!
  • I’m a teacher when I’m not on Mat leave
  • I think it’s the best job in the world
  • I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to it now
  • I understand kids better than adults
  • I love lobster
  • I haven’t had any for over a year
  • I prefer salty things to sweet things
  • I’m terrified of spiders
  • I love to garden
  • All I grew this year is tomatoes
  • I like to go to bed and wake up early
  • I go to bed and wake up late
  • I love to bake
  • I’m am excellent cook, but I don’t have time to be creative anymore
  • I get stressed out when my house is messy
  • I am almost always doing more than one thing at a time
  • I use cloth diapers on my baby
  • I’m addicted to buying them
  • He has 50
  • Lots are too small now, though
  • I’m not allowed to buy any more
  • Laundry is my favourite chore
  • Vacuuming is my least favourite
  • I make myself vacuum before I let me do laundry
  • I love to take pictures
  • I had one published in a calendar last year
  • I got a $50 gift certificate
  • I bought a stuffed elephant and vitamins with it
  • I hate to be alone
  • Needles make me dizzy

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