November 2008

Yipee for December!  We’re putting up our tree today and writing Christmas cards for everyone in another country.  Canadian cards can still wait another week or so.  I’m cooking for myself only a lot this week, but I’m determined to make something good every day.


Monday – Leftover meatballs and mashed potatoes

Tuesday – Italian Veggie Bake with rice

Wednesday – Cheese, mushroom and red pepper omlette and toast

Thursday -Salmon and rice with steamed snap peas

Friday – Village Christmas party!

Saturday – Parmesan Chicken with potato wedges and peas.  Apple Crisp for dessert

Sunday – Pork Medalions n Grainy Mustard and Rosemary Sauce (yum!)


Cow bells for sale we saw on a walk along Lake Geneva . . .


I thought that I was being a bit too optimistic about hoping that James would be moving about on his own by Christmas, but I think it might happen!

Last night James was having some bare baby time before his bath and he managed to get into a crawling position from sitting up!  He grabbed the toy he reached for, looked around and started to panic when he saw he couldn’t sit back up again.   I didn’t have the camera near by, and figured abandoning him while he’s “stuck” like that wouldn’t be that nice.  It’s charged and ready for today, though!  I hope he’s not too scared to do it again!

James and I are snuggling on the couch.  He’s eating my tea cup and I’m watching Regis.  Lazy mornings like this are so nice . . . even when the view from my seat is a pile of clean diapers to stuff and put away!


Monday – Makeover Greek Spaghetti (I will get to this!)

Tuesday – Danish Meatballs

Wednesday – leftovers

Thursday – Chicken Kiev and rice

Friday – Sole with egg noodles and mixed veggies

Saturday – Hors D’Oerves night

Sunday – Leftovers!

I’ve been having so much fun with photo editing this week, I learned how to keep the colour in part of a picture and make the rest black and white.  I LOVE it!


I haven’t really had anythng interesting happen lately.  My husband’s been gone working and will be back sometime this morning.  James at the moment is sitting on the floor, yelling at one of his slippers.

I pureed up a pile of baby food, froze it, and left it on top of the freezer after taking chicken out for supper last night.  I can’t re-freeze it, so whatever he can’t eat in the next few days has to be thrown out.  I’m so sad, it’s so yummy!  It was squash carrot and pear and even I loved it!

I’ve been playing with the camera and photoshop, trying to get a nice Christmas card picture . . . this is the best so far, but I have another fantastic idea!


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