. . . aren’t quite the same when you’re on mat leave and your husband works 4 and 5 day shifts.

But we had a nice weekend for sure. Valentine’s Day was low-key, cards, chocolates and James got two books.


Family Day we went to see the local skating carnival and had supper at a friend’s place – complete with impromptu shows put on by the six-year-olds.

I made some new pants for James, kinda cute and kinda ugly and waaaay too big.  I might have to haul out the sewing machine to hem them, I don’t have the patience to do it by hand today.

Here’s James modelling them, and working up the courage to show off his newest trick – letting go of the couch and standing for a second or two on his own!  What a strong little boy!


Course he didn’t do it when the camera was out.  We really need to get the drywall covered.


And here he is having his morning coffee.


Sharing with Mommy.


Soooo good!

Can you believe it??  Our tree is up, most gifts are purchased (except for my husband . . . but I know what he’s getting now!)  Some are even wrapped.  I’ve got about half my cards mailed out, including all of the international ones, so that’s pretty good, I think!

I made some yummy oatmeal raisin cookies today, I’ve already eaten 6 of them . . . but they have oats and raisins so it’s like porridge, right?

I’m being ambitious and knitting James a sweater.  All I’ve ever knit is scarves, so this might prove to be more than I can handle, but I have Grandma to consult at Christmas if I need to!  He’s going to be soooo cute in it!

So far I’ve knit an inch, and I’ve been working on it for two days.

Ah well.

Check out the 100 Days to Christmas site, and stay on track!