James had his six month needles today, he was SO good.  For the firstneedle he was munching away on their bell, so he hardly even noticed, #2 he was still eating the bell, but looked a bit annoyed.  #3 he cried, but hardly at all, I was so proud!!

The little legs don’t seem to be bothering him yet, in fact he was bouncing so much we put him in the jumperoo and he’s bouncing away in there, happy as can be!

Oh ya, he’s 19 lbs 6 oz now!

I can’t wait!  We were just talking today about what to get the little one, this countdown is awesome!  We don’t “DO” Christmas, that’s my mom or grandma’s thing, but still!  I’m a mommy now, I need to take on some of the Christmas stress, ya know!

Needle Day went pretty well.  James cried WAY more this time, but he’s bigger and older and wiser, or something.  He was ok for the first, and then after the second wouldn’t settle at all for the third.  The health nurse was wonderful, they always are, but it’s so hard seeing him crying and gasping and in pain.  He calmed down pretty quickly, though.

I got boosters too, and as usual was all woozy and saw spots after.  How embarrassing.  It’s all psychological, I know it doesn’t really hurt.  Nearly every time, though, I smell that wipey thing and *woosh* the blood leaves my face. I sat with my head down for about 10 minutes before I could get up again.

The baby was tougher than me.  Ugh.

4 month needles today . . . wish us luck!