I’ve been thinking about buying another sling for James. I love his Blue Celery one, but it’s stretchy and he’s getting heavier and I’m getting (marginally) thinner so he’s beginning to sag in it.  Plus I want something I can just pop him in and out of when we’re doing errands.  Buckling a grumpy baby in and out of a car seat is enough work without having to tie him into a wrap too.

I’m really not willing to shell out $80 for something that I may or may not like  that I have to buy online though.  So I made one using this site’s instructions.


I love it!  I’m so proud and James seems to be very happy in it too.  He snuggles in and grins at me.  This is a kid that I can’t keep up with when he’s on the ground, so the fact that he’ll settle in it while I load the dishwasher is very very good!  I’m totally making more when I get my hands on some pretty fabric.  Maybe something that wrinkles less too.

I’ve been working on sweater #3 as well and will put some pictures of what I’ve done so far once I block the pieces.  They won’t stay flat right now :p

And here’s a quiet moment this morning.