Well there’s no way I can possibly go over the last month in any great detail, so here it is in point form:

– 1 canceled flight

– 7 hour layover with hungry baby

– 3 cases of the flu

– 1 case of pneumonia (just me, thank goodness!!)

– 1 stupid driver + 6 deployed airbags

– 0 injured passengers


– 1 Brand new 2009 CRV (with a sunroof!)

– 12 hour drive

– 3 feet of snow on the back steps

Can you believe it??  Our tree is up, most gifts are purchased (except for my husband . . . but I know what he’s getting now!)  Some are even wrapped.  I’ve got about half my cards mailed out, including all of the international ones, so that’s pretty good, I think!

I made some yummy oatmeal raisin cookies today, I’ve already eaten 6 of them . . . but they have oats and raisins so it’s like porridge, right?

I’m being ambitious and knitting James a sweater.  All I’ve ever knit is scarves, so this might prove to be more than I can handle, but I have Grandma to consult at Christmas if I need to!  He’s going to be soooo cute in it!

So far I’ve knit an inch, and I’ve been working on it for two days.

Ah well.

Check out the 100 Days to Christmas site, and stay on track!

I haven’t really had anythng interesting happen lately.  My husband’s been gone working and will be back sometime this morning.  James at the moment is sitting on the floor, yelling at one of his slippers.

I pureed up a pile of baby food, froze it, and left it on top of the freezer after taking chicken out for supper last night.  I can’t re-freeze it, so whatever he can’t eat in the next few days has to be thrown out.  I’m so sad, it’s so yummy!  It was squash carrot and pear and even I loved it!

I’ve been playing with the camera and photoshop, trying to get a nice Christmas card picture . . . this is the best so far, but I have another fantastic idea!


He did it!  He slept through the night!  I can’t believe it, the day has been so long coming and maybe, just maybe it’ll continue.  He woke up at five to eat and then back to sleep again until 7:30.


I’ve never hosted Christmas before, but with Paul’s shift work we might just be stuck here, so my family will come up.  So now we have work to do.  Today our plan is to go to town and get the ingredients for fruitcake, and then we’ll whip up a batch.  I’m a bit sad at the idea of not being home on Christmas day, but if Mom and Dad and my brother all make it up, it’ll be nearly as good, and we can go back south for New Year’s.

In other news, I got 5 new diapers in the mail today.  They’re the Blueberry minky ones, and I LOVE them!  They’re super soft and the inserts suck up a lot more moisture than my others.  Also, a Swaddlebees all-in-one, which I quite like too, only it takes forever to dry.  James likes them too!

november-4002I’m such a diaper addict.  I must have 40 now.

I can’t wait!  We were just talking today about what to get the little one, this countdown is awesome!  We don’t “DO” Christmas, that’s my mom or grandma’s thing, but still!  I’m a mommy now, I need to take on some of the Christmas stress, ya know!

Needle Day went pretty well.  James cried WAY more this time, but he’s bigger and older and wiser, or something.  He was ok for the first, and then after the second wouldn’t settle at all for the third.  The health nurse was wonderful, they always are, but it’s so hard seeing him crying and gasping and in pain.  He calmed down pretty quickly, though.

I got boosters too, and as usual was all woozy and saw spots after.  How embarrassing.  It’s all psychological, I know it doesn’t really hurt.  Nearly every time, though, I smell that wipey thing and *woosh* the blood leaves my face. I sat with my head down for about 10 minutes before I could get up again.

The baby was tougher than me.  Ugh.