Not even 10 months old and James is using his chair to climb up where he shouldn’t be.



I got my bottom file drawer sorted, and while it’s nothing earth-shattering, it does look much better than it did before!


The top isn’t done yet, so it’s serving as my “before” picture.  The bottom was much the same, only much more full!


Can you tell I love my new label maker?


Monday – Pork chops, green beans and rice

Tuesday – Makeover Greek spaghetti amd Greek salad

Wednesday – leftovers

Thursday – Grilled cheese and canned soup.

Friday -stuffed baked potatoes

Saturday – free for all

Sunday – Roast beef and veggies


Eddie love the new label maker 🙂

Since our much loved little Civic got smooshed over Christmas, we decided to get something a little bigger to cart all the baby stuff around.  Besides, when we have baby #2 we’ll need the extra space! (Whenever that is!)

We looooove it!  It’s such a pretty green colour, the pictures don’t show it properly, and it has a sunroof!  I’ve always wanted a sunroof.  Paul convinced me that we should get it and I’m so glad he did!




James’ awesome new cowmooflage seat!  There’s lots of room in the back, which is good.  We want to keep him rear facing as long as possible.   He can be rear facing to 30 lbs and forward facing and harnessed until 65 lbs.

exersaucer-and-crv050Sunroof!   Wahoo!

Since we have a bigger car now with more trunk space, I really want to get a new stroller.  Ours is truly awful and won’t go over snow, gravel or even grass.  It’s good for the mall and stuff, just not outside.  A really good one is pretty expensive, but I’m soooo in love with these:

icoo_blkfwredAnd really quite like this one:


But think we’ll probably get this:

tedssp5redbecause you can get a little jump seat at the back for a second baby, so it’s like a twin stroller without being a twin stroller all the time.  Plus all the wheels are big ones, which I think might make a big difference.  We need a place where we can look at them in real life, but I’m not sure where that would be :p

Well there’s no way I can possibly go over the last month in any great detail, so here it is in point form:

– 1 canceled flight

– 7 hour layover with hungry baby

– 3 cases of the flu

– 1 case of pneumonia (just me, thank goodness!!)

– 1 stupid driver + 6 deployed airbags

– 0 injured passengers


– 1 Brand new 2009 CRV (with a sunroof!)

– 12 hour drive

– 3 feet of snow on the back steps

He did it!  James started creeping!  He’s going backwards, but he’s sure getting somewhere!

Oh dear.  I have babyproofing to do, which includes get a baby gate, make sure all the sockets are covered, get rid of two horribly dangerous kitchen shelves, move the computer to the den, which means the room in the basement needs to be finished to hold all the music stuff that’s currently taking up the den, hide all video games and various cords, and convince husband that the tools do indeed need to be put away.  Yipes!

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