I’ve been thinking about buying another sling for James. I love his Blue Celery one, but it’s stretchy and he’s getting heavier and I’m getting (marginally) thinner so he’s beginning to sag in it.  Plus I want something I can just pop him in and out of when we’re doing errands.  Buckling a grumpy baby in and out of a car seat is enough work without having to tie him into a wrap too.

I’m really not willing to shell out $80 for something that I may or may not like  that I have to buy online though.  So I made one using this site’s instructions.


I love it!  I’m so proud and James seems to be very happy in it too.  He snuggles in and grins at me.  This is a kid that I can’t keep up with when he’s on the ground, so the fact that he’ll settle in it while I load the dishwasher is very very good!  I’m totally making more when I get my hands on some pretty fabric.  Maybe something that wrinkles less too.

I’ve been working on sweater #3 as well and will put some pictures of what I’ve done so far once I block the pieces.  They won’t stay flat right now :p

And here’s a quiet moment this morning.



James is the perfect size to knit for – at least for someone who’s learning like me!  I just finished my second project and am all super proud.  He looks so cute in it!




Now I’m on the lookout for buttons!  I’m thinking wooden ones might be nice, but the plan is to make a matching toque with a green stripe in it, so maybe green ones too!