Ohhh, I hope this keeps up!  James slept from 8:00 to 6:00 with a couple little wakes when I went in to check on him.  He filled his tummy at 6:00 and then went back to sleep until 8:00.

I could get used to this!

Of course now, he’s ready for naptime, but he’s having a fit because he doesn’t want to.  I’ll take crying at nap time over waking up 6 times a night every time though!

In other news, I think our snow is here to stay.  There’s a beautiful blue sky and our evergreens are frosty and it’s so nice to look at.  The roads are icy since it’s not that cold though, and it’s pretty scary to drive.   The snow plows have been going back and forth all morning though, so it’ll be clear soon, I hope!

We got our first snow last night!  It’s melted already and it actually ended up being a warmish day.  But I still bundled the little one out to introduce him to something he, like all Canadians, will have a love-hate relationship with for the rest of his life.

He seemed to be interested, but wanted to dig the leaves out from underneath more than anything! (MUST rake when it dries up!)

So anyway, while I was away I didn’t do any 100 Days to Chritsmas posting, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten, oh no!  In fact, most of my shopping is done, except for a few stocking stuffers, and I like to just pick them up through the course of general shopping.  I’m pretty excited about my Dad’s gift, and Mom’s borthday gift.  James is, of course, making the best haul.  He already has so many toys that he recieved as gifts, and also lots of practically new hand-me-downs, so I really shouldn’t get him any.  Besides, out little house is qickly becoming a Toys-R-Us showroom.  We did get his car seat, lots of books, a Sandra Boynton CD, and a few other little things.

Speaking of the lovely hand-me-downs, we’re going to be giving lots of stuff to the charity boxes.  The little new baby toys are taking up a LOT of room, and while I feel a bit sad about passing baby stuff on already, there just isn’t a place to store it.  All his gifts we’re keeping, and clothes too (for the future baby brother or sister!) but we need to make room, so might as well give it to a family that needs it, right!

Also, my Mom and Grandma last year made up these little shoeboxes for kids in third wold countries, and I’m totally doing one this year!  I’ll be putting formula in the food drive boxes too, I can’t believe how expensive it is, it must be so hard for people with little money!