My baby boy is turning one tomorrow and I’ve been sobbing on and off all evening.

I feel silly.  He’s a healthy, happy, perfect little boy.  I couldn’t possibly ask for a more wonderful child.  But he’s growing up so fast and I just want time to slow down.  I want to wake him up and cuddle him, savouring the last few hours of babyhood.  I want to hold his warm, snuggly little self and gaze into his gray eyes, adoring him, loving him.

I dread to think all the terrible things that might happen to him in his life.  I want him to be as happy and loved as he is now, always.  I don’t want his heart broken, I don’t want him to get sick.  I don’t want him to have his feelings hurt, for that sweet, trusting smile to leave his face.

Oh, I know I should be looking forward to all the wonderful things his life will bring.  Maybe that will come tomorrow.  But tonight all I can do is cry, cry, cry.

. . . aren’t quite the same when you’re on mat leave and your husband works 4 and 5 day shifts.

But we had a nice weekend for sure. Valentine’s Day was low-key, cards, chocolates and James got two books.


Family Day we went to see the local skating carnival and had supper at a friend’s place – complete with impromptu shows put on by the six-year-olds.

I made some new pants for James, kinda cute and kinda ugly and waaaay too big.  I might have to haul out the sewing machine to hem them, I don’t have the patience to do it by hand today.

Here’s James modelling them, and working up the courage to show off his newest trick – letting go of the couch and standing for a second or two on his own!  What a strong little boy!


Course he didn’t do it when the camera was out.  We really need to get the drywall covered.


And here he is having his morning coffee.


Sharing with Mommy.


Soooo good!

Eddie is watching James with increasing concern these days.  James has always loved his kitty, but now, James can get to the kitty on his own and he moves FAST!  Up until today he’s mostly been pulling himself across the floor with his arms, but he’s getting better and better at crawling.  Today he’s hardly crept at all, and has managed to follow me from the kitchen to the living room on his hands and knees!  Yay, James!

He’s pulling himself up on everything now too, including the couch that has been Ed’s baby free haven.  Poor kitty.  James hasn’t been happier though!  He can get to everything – nintendos, garbage cans, kitty food and fur!  What’s not to love!

I bought a baby gate yesterday (and am all proud to have installed it myself – with the drill!) so now Ed is learning to jump over and find a safe place to sleep.  James follows him that far and then stands hanging on to the gate while Eddie curls up on the boot mat to have a little nap.

James is 8 months old and is, of course, up to new tricks!

His current favourite thing is to hang on to a big person’s fingers and run around.  He wants to go everywhere, and is particularly fond of standing on things.  I think we have a climber.

He’s still not quite crawling, but manages to get around ok rollong, creeping, etc.

He’s eating milk products now and is crazy for puffed wheat.  He seriously can’t get enough of it.

He learned to clap while on our super long layover at Calgary airport

He can wave

AND yesterday he said his first word.  When Paul came in the room, his little face lit up and he said “Dada!!”  It was adorable.

Oh yes, and he’s starting to grow hair!  Wahoo!


Six months old and my baby is grown up 😦

I thought that I was being a bit too optimistic about hoping that James would be moving about on his own by Christmas, but I think it might happen!

Last night James was having some bare baby time before his bath and he managed to get into a crawling position from sitting up!  He grabbed the toy he reached for, looked around and started to panic when he saw he couldn’t sit back up again.   I didn’t have the camera near by, and figured abandoning him while he’s “stuck” like that wouldn’t be that nice.  It’s charged and ready for today, though!  I hope he’s not too scared to do it again!