Wow, it’s been awhile, eh? I’ve been super super busy

  • Chasing James
  • Cleaning house
  • Spending 2 weeks at my parents’ place for Easter
  • Yardwork as the snow is ALMOST GONE!!!
  • AND – Starting a cloth diaper store!

I’m so, so excited!  I already have some all-natural baby care products and one brand of diapers stacked up and ready to be ordered.  There are 4 more orders that I’m waiting for, so hopefully they come in soon.  I hate having a half-stocked store, but I figured if I go online now then any orders I d get can fund more buying 🙂

Anyway, I’m all proud of it, so if you’re interested, check it out at!

James trying out his new AppleCheeks!  I don't care if the colour is girly, he loos cute in it!

James trying out his new AppleCheeks! I don't care if the colour is girly, he loos cute in it!

Anyway.  What else?

I got a blackberry that I’m completely in love with.  The little ring when I get an email just thrills me 🙂

James is a happy little camper because he can go play outside now.  He spent an hour yesterday just crawling around in the lawn while I did yardwork.  He tasted rocks, sticks, leaves and grass, and I’m sure he tried a bug too.  Gross.  Still, he was happy and I got work done so yipee!

He did it!  He slept through the night!  I can’t believe it, the day has been so long coming and maybe, just maybe it’ll continue.  He woke up at five to eat and then back to sleep again until 7:30.


I’ve never hosted Christmas before, but with Paul’s shift work we might just be stuck here, so my family will come up.  So now we have work to do.  Today our plan is to go to town and get the ingredients for fruitcake, and then we’ll whip up a batch.  I’m a bit sad at the idea of not being home on Christmas day, but if Mom and Dad and my brother all make it up, it’ll be nearly as good, and we can go back south for New Year’s.

In other news, I got 5 new diapers in the mail today.  They’re the Blueberry minky ones, and I LOVE them!  They’re super soft and the inserts suck up a lot more moisture than my others.  Also, a Swaddlebees all-in-one, which I quite like too, only it takes forever to dry.  James likes them too!

november-4002I’m such a diaper addict.  I must have 40 now.