December 2008

He did it!  James started creeping!  He’s going backwards, but he’s sure getting somewhere!

Oh dear.  I have babyproofing to do, which includes get a baby gate, make sure all the sockets are covered, get rid of two horribly dangerous kitchen shelves, move the computer to the den, which means the room in the basement needs to be finished to hold all the music stuff that’s currently taking up the den, hide all video games and various cords, and convince husband that the tools do indeed need to be put away.  Yipes!


Monday –

Tuesday – Parmesan Chicken and Potato Wedges and Peas with apple crisp for dessert (Didn’t get to this on Saturday, Paul had to work)

Wednesday – Spaghetti and Meatballs with salad

Thursday – Something shrimpy.  I just can’t decide!

Friday -Supper at school

Saturday -No-fuss stroganoff!

Sunday – Leftovers

We got a nice package in the mail this week from Emma, James and Oliver, friends of our from Northern Ireland. They sent treats for everyone, including these little teething biscuits called bickiepegs – they’re really hard and must taste yummy because James growled at me when I tried to take it away!


Check out Emma’s blog!


Morning coffee on my honeymoon!  This was the nicest little outside cafe.  I think the travel bug is biting me again!

Can you believe it??  Our tree is up, most gifts are purchased (except for my husband . . . but I know what he’s getting now!)  Some are even wrapped.  I’ve got about half my cards mailed out, including all of the international ones, so that’s pretty good, I think!

I made some yummy oatmeal raisin cookies today, I’ve already eaten 6 of them . . . but they have oats and raisins so it’s like porridge, right?

I’m being ambitious and knitting James a sweater.  All I’ve ever knit is scarves, so this might prove to be more than I can handle, but I have Grandma to consult at Christmas if I need to!  He’s going to be soooo cute in it!

So far I’ve knit an inch, and I’ve been working on it for two days.

Ah well.

Check out the 100 Days to Christmas site, and stay on track!


Six months old and my baby is grown up 😦