Well, I’m not sure what happened to the squirrel.  It did come out, we saw it run.  Paul figures it escaped because we didn’t hear it at night at all.  I sure hope so . . . I’d hate for it to run over my face as I’m sleeping!

James and I joined some friends to watch a volleyball tournament on Saturday.  James and his little buddy were dressed in team outfits, and of course drew lots of attention.  They had a great day.  Then we were off to the city to spend the night in a hotel, since Paul had a course.  It was nice, James and me even went to sleep at about 8:30.  He only woke up once at about 2, so that’s a HUGE improvement.  Hopefully it continues!

Today we did some major shppping, bought a sweet outfit for upcoming weddings and Thanksgiving too!  I can;t wait to dress him up in it, but he’s finally fallen asleep . . . yipee!

Oh my goodness, I used to HATE going to Wal Mart.  Our nearest is super busy, dirty and always out of whatever you went for.  I avoided it like the plague.  In fact, I preferred to wait until we went home (a 12 hour drive one-way) and pay sales tax there to fulfill my Wal Mart needs.


A brand new Supercentre has opened up in an even closer town and it is *spectacular*.   Shiny clean aisles!  Elbow room!  Grapes for $1.29!  Yougurt!  We drove to town just to go there, it was like a day out . . . James admired the ferns and played with toys (ok, watched me play) I stocked up on rice cereal and Red Peppers ($1.50/lb).  I may have to alter my menu plan to include the shiny smooth eggplant I got.  Mmmmmm.  Eggplant.