October 2008

I honestly hate Hallowe’en.  People make things gross on purpose, and I can never tell who is in those costumes.  Masks are understandable, but even face paint throws me.  It sucks.

Anyway, I DO love handing out candy, and Mr. James was obviously adorable.  We went to the penny carnival at school and I hung out with my class from last year for the afternoon.  It was great.  I really do miss work, but not enough to want to go back for awhile!

James spent a good part of the day being kissed and cuddled by Jr. High girls.  His teenage self will be jealous!

Getting dressed for the Hallowe'en party!
Getting dressed for Hallowe’en
Can you tell what I am yet?
I'm a little wizard!  Note the delicious wand!
I’m a little wizard!

I’ve been making baby food like it’s going out of style.

So far – Acorn Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips, Bananas, Apples, Prunes, and Apple-Cranberry.  I ran out of freezer space so today I went downtown and found a wire rack so I can stack things better.  Thank goodness, because I found a nice bunch of broccoli that has James’s name on it!  He’s only had veggies so far, except for the prunes, but they were an emergency!

He’s loved nearly everything.  He tried avocados, but just wouldn’t eat them, and the peas were not a hit at all.  They were the canned kind, though, and would you eat them?  I wouldn’t!  He got so fed up with them that he actually screamed, ripped at his bib, and wriggled his shoulders to get them out of the high chair straps.  It was the funniest thing, he’s really beginning to show us some attitude!

I adore watching his little personality develop, and yet, I couldn’t really describe what that personality is.  He’s happy most of the time, he loves to play and be tickled, but he’s also serious when there’s a new thing to get into or examine.  He’s just starting to be nervous around people he doesn’t really know, and sometimes cries when I leave the room – even if he’s playing with someone else!  I shouldn’t like that, but I do!  I love being loved by this sweet little creature!

Other than in diapers, that is!

We’ve been leaving him to play on his own as much as possible – an only child needs to learn to have fun by himself, ya know!  So the other day I pulled out one of his fabric drawers and let him loose – he had a great time pulling stuff out, and he was happy for half an hour in there, with us just outside the door, obviously, in the kitchen and living room.

"I didn't do it, Mommy, it was the kitty!"

He’s getting so good at sitting on his own, he hardly ever falls over anymore, just when he’s reaching just a little too far for something, or twists around too fast to see what Mommy or Daddy are up to!  We have to pad a big circle around him, that hardwood hurts when a little head hits it!  We’re looking for a nice rug to put down in the living room.  It’ll be cozy in the winter and softer on little knees (and heads!)

Here he is watching Hockey Night in Canada.  Obviously, he’s cheering for the Oilers!

He’s trying to walk too, when we hold his hands.  He got halfway across the living room yesterday, and only stopped when he got to what he wanted (the keyboard and kitty toys – little troublemaker!)  We have it on video, but alas, it takes too long to upload on dial-up.

I’m such a proud Mommy 🙂

I couldn’t think of anything new to take a picture of for scary, but this was a pretty scary hike!

These paths are made over the bisses near Crans-Montana, which were made to carry water from one village to another.  I was scared walking over them, can you imagine how brave people would have had to be to build them?  What you can’t see is how high up they are, all the way up near the top of steep cliffs, with nothing but a straight drop into the valley and rocks below.

James and I are both over our colds.  I was a little worried that his would last longer, but it’s cleared up nicely.  Thank goodness because I don’t think I could squirt saline up his nose one more time, and he’s already learned to hate having his nose wiped.

I was at the dentist this week, and they gave me a little baby toothbrush for James!  It is SO cute, I didn’t realise they made proper toothbrushes for such little guys, everything I read says wipe their teeth with a cloth!

So after a little break over Thanksgiving, I’m back at Menu Plan Monday.  I totally missed having a menu plan this week, but we did ok.

I’m noticing a big difference in our grocery bills already, and less food is getting wasted for sure!  I still need to work on using up ingredients that are in the fridge already.  We’re doing lots of Autmny stuff lately, it’s chilly out and it’s so nice to have stew and dumplings while listening to the wind howl around the house!

Monday – leftovers from Sunday roast!

Tuesday – Italian sausage with pasta

Wednesday -Salmon, spinach and rice

Thursday – Sweet potato and squash soup

Friday – Beef stew from the freezer – and Hallowe’en candy!

Saturday – Lentil and rice casserole

Sunday – Leftovers

I’m also planning on making Pumpkin muffins, this recipe sounds delicious!  I made Saskatoon muffins last week, they were sooo yummy!  I still have a pile of them frozen from last year.  I wonder if you can feed Sasaktoons to babies?

Paul got home from work this morning and then went off to his doctor’s appointment . . . and he took James with him!  That means I get nearly TWO whole hours to myself!!!  Yipee!!

I can’t for the life of me think of what to do with those two hours, though.  NOT laundry, I finished that yesterday.  I should clean the bathroom, but that’s hardly something to squander my free time on.   Hm.  I wonder what I used to do with free time, I can’t seem to remember!

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