James has an ear infection now.  He had a check-up on Monday, so I was lucky not to have to sit in emergency all night with him, waiting to get a prescription. Poor little bug.   Can’t breathe, sore ears.  It’s a wonder he’s been so good!

He’s also started to kiss!  (At least, I’m believing that he’s kissing us!) He grabs an ear with each chubby little hand and then lunges at your face, drooling mouth agape.  Kiss or not, It’s so cute!  He’s turning into a lovey little boy, I’m so glad!

We did the big drive home Sunday night.  It went alright, but I don’t think we can do it in winter in one go!  And how does a person go about changing a diaper in a little car in -40?

James and I are sick with colds.  I’m feeling gross, but I can’t imagine how the poor little guy feels!  He can hardly breathe through the stuffy nose, can’t suck on his dummy (or eat) for more than a few seconds at a time, his teeth are bothering him, and he doesn’t get what’s wrong.

I can’t fix him 😦