. . . aren’t quite the same when you’re on mat leave and your husband works 4 and 5 day shifts.

But we had a nice weekend for sure. Valentine’s Day was low-key, cards, chocolates and James got two books.


Family Day we went to see the local skating carnival and had supper at a friend’s place – complete with impromptu shows put on by the six-year-olds.

I made some new pants for James, kinda cute and kinda ugly and waaaay too big.  I might have to haul out the sewing machine to hem them, I don’t have the patience to do it by hand today.

Here’s James modelling them, and working up the courage to show off his newest trick – letting go of the couch and standing for a second or two on his own!  What a strong little boy!


Course he didn’t do it when the camera was out.  We really need to get the drywall covered.


And here he is having his morning coffee.


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Soooo good!