Eddie is watching James with increasing concern these days.  James has always loved his kitty, but now, James can get to the kitty on his own and he moves FAST!  Up until today he’s mostly been pulling himself across the floor with his arms, but he’s getting better and better at crawling.  Today he’s hardly crept at all, and has managed to follow me from the kitchen to the living room on his hands and knees!  Yay, James!

He’s pulling himself up on everything now too, including the couch that has been Ed’s baby free haven.  Poor kitty.  James hasn’t been happier though!  He can get to everything – nintendos, garbage cans, kitty food and fur!  What’s not to love!

I bought a baby gate yesterday (and am all proud to have installed it myself – with the drill!) so now Ed is learning to jump over and find a safe place to sleep.  James follows him that far and then stands hanging on to the gate while Eddie curls up on the boot mat to have a little nap.