Monday – Tropical Chicken (from the Blender Baby Food book.  Obviously mine won’t be blended!)

Tuesday – vegetble curry in the crockpot

Wednesday – golden carrot soup (hopefully I’ll make ebnough to freeze for later)

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – Out for supper in the city

Satruday – Hm.  Valentine’s Day.  I think  we’ll pick up something nice that day so it’s fresh.

Sunday – Ham, scalloped potatoes and veggies

That looks pretty yummy, if I say so myself!

I’m realy trying to make things that James can eat most of the time now.  It’s so much easier than making a second thing and he doesn’t seem to be too into the purees anymore.  He’s a big boy and wants to feed himself.  Not a while lot gets into a little boy’s mouth when he’s distracted by how fun it is to squish!

He’s eating nearly everything now, except the whole egg yolk, honey, berries, nuts, etc that little people aren’t supposed to have yet!  So far the only thing he’s not crazy about is peas.  Everything else he gulps down! (Including fuzz off the bottom of the vacuum.  Nice, James.)