James had a horrible day yesterday.  I noticed that the kitchen floor was a bit dusty,  so to keep James from eating the fluff I put him by his cupboard and got out the vacuum.   Seconds later I turn around to a flapping sound.  James managed to get *something* in his mouth and was choking on it.  Not gagging, but red face, no breathing, drooling all over the place choking.  I thought my poor baby was dying.  He managed to get it down and gave a terrific SCREAM!  The most beautiful sound in the world.  He was pretty scared, and even willing to snuggle for a few minutes as I sobbed over him.

Then of course I started thinking about what it could be.  We just installed new blinds in the kitchen.  Those tiny screws could easily fall unnoticed.  James eats anything.   I once caught him picking the fuzz out of the vacuum attachment  and eating that.  So I called Healthlink (lovely, lovely people!) and they told me to take him in to the hospital.

So James had his first X-ray this weekend.  Turns out they couldn’t see anything at all, but I felt better.  And a baby’s skeleton is so cute!  His whole little torso fit on the slide!

Then when we got home (via a ride from a wonderful friend!) He was playing by his shelves, holding himself up and fell *splat* on the edge face first.  He has a purple bruise up the side of his poor little head.  James went to bed early last night so he wouldn’t get hurt anymore and so Mommy could let her nerves settle!

On a happier note, I know all Mamas think their baby is the cutest in the world, but look at this:



I could just eat him up.