My baby boy is six months old today!!  I can’t believe it, I can harldy believe he’s here already, let alone halfway to his first birthday!  I’m so ridiculously proud of him.  I love it when people stop to say hi to him and he grins at them.  I also love it when he frowns at them.  I love telling people his lovely grown-up name and I love telling them how young he is, and seeing their looks of surprise because he looks sooo much bigger and is super strong.

I’m bragging, I know.  That’s what proud mommies do, right?

He tried fruit for the first time today.  Well, aside from prunes, but they were an emergency!  He had apples grown from my Grandma’s trees.  I think the puree is yuuuuummy, and I think he liked it too, but found it a bit tart.  He licked and smacked his lips and then gave a little shiver and opened for more!  We found barley cereal today too, so he can try that in a week or two.  I just love giving him new foods, it’s so much fun to see his reactions!