Here’s James, clearly not enjoying what was on the menu yesterday!



Okey dokey, I’m gong to try some new things this week and make a bit more effort than I did last time.  I didn’t enjoy making all the boring stuff I listed last week, so I mostly just grazed on the days I was on my own.  Not good.

Monday – Fried Chicken, Brown rice and salad

Tuesday – Pancakes!  I wonder if I can make a sauce with Saskatoon berries, I have a lot!

Wednesday – Borscht with Pain Paysan  (Oh look!  Pam’s heritage in one meal!)

Thursday – Baked Chicken and Acorn Squash with baked potatoes from Grandma’s garden!

Friday – Makeover Greek Spaghetti

Saturday – Leftovers

Sunday – Squash and Sweet potato soup.  I can make a puree version for baby, too!

Hm.  Soup twice in one week.  But Yummmmmmm!  This is a much more satisfying week, I can already tell!