Wow.  November already.  Remember when you were little, and time went on forever?  I vividly remember sitting on our kitchen floor when I was about six, waiting for a birthday party.  I asked Mom how much longer until we could go and she told me it would just be one more hour.  A whole HOUR?  I was in despair!  An hour will never come!

Eventually time began to pass as quickly as all grown-up say it does, and I nociced that Christmas wasn’t such a long wait, after all.  Months and years went by in a blur, and I was happy that life was progressing nicely.

Since James was born, it’s different again.  As each month passes I marvel at how he’s growing and learning and yet mourn the loss of another month with my baby.  Yes, I want him to grow up.  But.  He’ll never be 2  days or three weeks or *sniff* five months again.

And I’m sad until he does some amazing new thing.  Like this.

Oh James.  Six months next week!

So food then.  Paul’s working most of the week, but for me it’s most important to plan my meals when he’s not home.  It’s so easy to just graze when no one else is home to cook for/with.  Then I end up having toast, an avocado and chips for my three meals.  Not so good.

Monday – I think frozen pizza is in order

Tuesday – Teriyaki (is that how you spell that?) chicken with rice and baby mixed veggies

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Ukrainian sausage, potatoes and carrots

Friday – omlette with green pepper

Saturday -Egg rolls and fried rice with veggies

Sunday – Beans and grilled cheese.

It’s kind of an uninspired week, isn’t it?  No fancy sauces or new things or anything interesting at all.  I’m exhausted today!  Perhaps some tweaking is in order later in the week!

Next week I’ll do something new and interesting, promise!