I honestly hate Hallowe’en.  People make things gross on purpose, and I can never tell who is in those costumes.  Masks are understandable, but even face paint throws me.  It sucks.

Anyway, I DO love handing out candy, and Mr. James was obviously adorable.  We went to the penny carnival at school and I hung out with my class from last year for the afternoon.  It was great.  I really do miss work, but not enough to want to go back for awhile!

James spent a good part of the day being kissed and cuddled by Jr. High girls.  His teenage self will be jealous!

Getting dressed for the Hallowe'en party!
Getting dressed for Hallowe’en
Can you tell what I am yet?
I'm a little wizard!  Note the delicious wand!
I’m a little wizard!