Other than in diapers, that is!

We’ve been leaving him to play on his own as much as possible – an only child needs to learn to have fun by himself, ya know!  So the other day I pulled out one of his fabric drawers and let him loose – he had a great time pulling stuff out, and he was happy for half an hour in there, with us just outside the door, obviously, in the kitchen and living room.

"I didn't do it, Mommy, it was the kitty!"

He’s getting so good at sitting on his own, he hardly ever falls over anymore, just when he’s reaching just a little too far for something, or twists around too fast to see what Mommy or Daddy are up to!  We have to pad a big circle around him, that hardwood hurts when a little head hits it!  We’re looking for a nice rug to put down in the living room.  It’ll be cozy in the winter and softer on little knees (and heads!)

Here he is watching Hockey Night in Canada.  Obviously, he’s cheering for the Oilers!

He’s trying to walk too, when we hold his hands.  He got halfway across the living room yesterday, and only stopped when he got to what he wanted (the keyboard and kitty toys – little troublemaker!)  We have it on video, but alas, it takes too long to upload on dial-up.

I’m such a proud Mommy 🙂