James and I are both over our colds.  I was a little worried that his would last longer, but it’s cleared up nicely.  Thank goodness because I don’t think I could squirt saline up his nose one more time, and he’s already learned to hate having his nose wiped.

I was at the dentist this week, and they gave me a little baby toothbrush for James!  It is SO cute, I didn’t realise they made proper toothbrushes for such little guys, everything I read says wipe their teeth with a cloth!

So after a little break over Thanksgiving, I’m back at Menu Plan Monday.  I totally missed having a menu plan this week, but we did ok.

I’m noticing a big difference in our grocery bills already, and less food is getting wasted for sure!  I still need to work on using up ingredients that are in the fridge already.  We’re doing lots of Autmny stuff lately, it’s chilly out and it’s so nice to have stew and dumplings while listening to the wind howl around the house!

Monday – leftovers from Sunday roast!

Tuesday – Italian sausage with pasta

Wednesday -Salmon, spinach and rice

Thursday – Sweet potato and squash soup

Friday – Beef stew from the freezer – and Hallowe’en candy!

Saturday – Lentil and rice casserole

Sunday – Leftovers

I’m also planning on making Pumpkin muffins, this recipe sounds delicious!  I made Saskatoon muffins last week, they were sooo yummy!  I still have a pile of them frozen from last year.  I wonder if you can feed Sasaktoons to babies?