Well, James and I had another wonderful flight to Mom and Dad’s.  We squeezed into a very full little Dash 8 and you could see the “Ohhhh, no.  Not a baby!” looks on people’s faces.  He certainly didn’t sleep this time, but he was very good and kept himself and the passengers around him entertained.  There was a very nice family sitting behind us, and James made friends with them.  He sat on knees and smiled and babbled away at them.  I got to eat my breakfast, our neighbors got to hold a squirming bundle of giggles!

Our 3-hour layover flew by, We found a nice, quiet corner for a snack, had a Starbucks, bought a new story, had another snack and it was time to board the next flight.  James slept though that one, and we got the whole row (of two seats) to ourselves.

Today James is going to the pool for the first time, and Grandma is bringing the video camera!  I can’t wait!