James and I are flying home on Friday!  We did the same in July, baby and I fly home and stay a bit, then Paul joins us and we all drive home together.  It’s one less 12+ hour drive for the little one, and I get a little longer with my family (and they get more time with the one and only grandson!)

We’re flying Air Canada, it was cheaper than WestJet.  Too bad, they were so super nice last time.  The flight is later too, which means no 4 am wake-up which is good.

Hopefully the little man will be just as good as he was last time, although I don’t expect him to sleep the whole time again!

I can’t wait, diapers are in the wash and I’m stacking cute little clothes in piles.   James is beside himself, of course.  Mom sounds more and more excited every time I talk to her.  I feel so bad living so far away, like I’m keeping their grandchild from them 😦

But Yay!  A week or two at home!!