. . . that my poor boy is still wearing a sock on his little hand?  Every time I think it’s healed and I unwrap it, the little fingers go into the mouth and he breaks it open again!  It’s so pathetic watching him try to grab his rattle or blocks with a hand that he’s only just figured out how to use well, only to find that it won’t work for him again!


So James is having an awesome nap today, which means I can make my list of cards to send and addresses too!  Yahoo!  I’m doing this all on mycomputer, the last thing I need is a binder hogging up more space in my already cramped little house!  I’ve become a big fan of putting everything on the computer in the last few years, especially with school becoming more and more technologically based!  I have 25 people so far, and most of their addresses.  I’m emailing for the rest!

90 more days!!!!

Oh! And I found an excuse to buy more diapers!  Christmas!  What better way to say Merry Christmas than a nice, fuzzy new diper for the little bum?  His favourite thing in the world is to have a clean diaper, it’s perfect!