We made James bleed 😦

James’s nails are so sharp, his little face looks like it’s been mauled sometimes.  And they grow so fast that it seems I’m always having to trim them.  I held him while Paul (nervously) cut his little nails.  Thumb – good.  Pointer – good.  Middle – ouch!  Blood everywhere!  How can a little finger bleed so much?

So anyway, we learned *not* to put a band-aid on a teething 4-month-old.  He nearly ate that.  So now he’s got a cotton ball slathered in Baby Polysporin, gauze around that, forcing his little hand to stay in a fist, and a sock over that for good measure.  (I tried using just Kleenex, but of course he ate that)

Here’s a picture of our little invalid . . .

. . . eating his hand, of course.